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Secret British Internet addiction hospital: can not help playing with mobile phones or watch the attention of the chip

If you play on the mobile phone or the Internet to see our have an overwhelming force, you may have to start paying attention, because it could eventually lead to depression, insomnia, or they will all day anxiety and social dislocation (even if you have all day long 24 hours through digital and external force connection).
Exposing British Internet addiction hospital: can not help playing with mobile phones or watch people pay attention to the film
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The job of the Nightingale hospital is to help you with these problems. They will help you readjust your sleep patterns, diet, sexual habits, and so on.
Richard Graham began to dominate the treatment five years ago and has so far treated more than 300 patients, including CEO and stars of technology companies, as well as ordinary people.
I have a lot of technology companies CEO, they are like robots, family life as a project management, roar children, but also to treat his wife as employees.
They have no sexual or intimate relationship at all. They rarely exercise or socialize with people, relying solely on caffeine, energy drinks and cigarettes.
Graham said in an interview. As many studies of the psychological causes of “Internet addiction” point to, Graham agrees that “Internet addiction” stems from its indefinite timing of uncertain rewards.

Staff invented sharing bike booster, improve management efficiency

Yunnan Reuters “lift one or two can also, but more than anyone can not eat, after all, these shared bicycles are not light.”.” The shared bicycle can be seen everywhere while bringing convenience and benefit to the people, and it also brings some troubles to the city management.
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Yesterday, the reporter saw at the resort Haigeng street, the staff developed a shared bicycle “booster”, a very high price, 30 yuan a share, called governance artifact bicycle Luantingluanfang “”.
“Self” and the “time sharing Haigeng Street workers into the bike has been unable to statistics, only the damaged well documented cleaning by the staff there are more than 1500 vehicles, a headache.” Chief resort Haigen street management Urban Management Division Wang Rongkun said.
In order to solve this problem, resort Haigen street management Urban Management Department to launch team brainstorming, to find effective way into shared bicycle, “a player named Jin Hongquan, was given a” golden ideas “, created a shared bicycle” booster “.” Wang Rongkun told reporters.
Jin Hongquan said: “that day I remembered that the traffic cop would stop the private car blocking the drive lane. Do not use a four wheeler to lift the engine and drag the rear wheel?” Sharing a bike, usually the rear wheels are locked, and we’ll put it on a wheel, not on it”
“Creative”, the staff to measure the sharing of bicycle tire size, and draw a sketch of the night rush production, create a groove with wheels, when the rear wheel bike sharing maneuvers fixed in the groove, pinch the rear brakes can be easily pushed away, saving time and effort.
Currently, the resort has created this “booster” 60, and it will be distributed to urban management team and volunteers.
Staff Haigen Street Management Office Wang Song told reporters, usually a morning up to 20 vehicles into shared bicycle, with artifact, the body burden is not so heavy, but also improves the efficiency of 2~3 times every day.
Next, resort Haigen street management and urban management department will share the bicycle management company communication, will share the bicycle “booster” in appearance, practicability and convenience are improved, making it more perfect.

High school students suffer from depression, suicide, received a “future wife” phone call to change life

Reference News Network reported on September 3rd, Taiwan media said recently the United States Network Forum “questions and answers”, some people ask “your life have been like a film like experience?” The results of a share in a wonderful story under the message, said he had tried to Dutch act in high school, but in the moment of death, received a junior high school crush sudden call, let him find hope to live, and 10 years later, the girls become his wife.
According to the Taiwan united in August 31st news website quoted the British “Daily Mirror” reported that Kevin Walsh in 13 years old to participate in the summer camp, met a lovely girl, become friends they exchanged contact, there is a period of time often chat on the Internet, but with the passage of time, they gradually no longer contact. Even after losing contact, Kevin often thought of the girl, and said, “after high school, we don’t get together anymore, but I can assure you I haven’t missed this girl for a single day.”.”
Reported that Kevin in high school, because suffered a lot of setbacks and suffering from depression, and began to have suicidal thoughts. One day, he wrote a suicide note and tried to end his life, and it was amazing that 5 or 10 seconds before he was about to commit suicide, he received a seemingly strange call.
Kevin picked up his cell phone and was scared, because he heard the voice of the girl who had not been in touch with each other for a long time! Kevin asked her, “why did you call me suddenly?”” The girl replied, “I don’t know why. I suddenly think I should call you.”.” So Kevin told her, in fact, he was about to commit suicide, and immediately after hearing the girl stopped him: “what?” You can’t do that!”
Reported that the girl chatted with Kevin for a while, and hung up the phone when he said that tomorrow will certainly wait for Kevin’s call. From that day, they often chat on the phone, which makes Kevin gradually out of the depression, back again to live, but after 10 years, Kevin told the girl to marry him, two people finally become husband and wife. Kevin said: “actually, the night I received her phone call, I wrote a passage about the promise I made when I asked her to marry me 10 years later.”
This is a wonderful story than Hollywood’s true story touched many netizens, just a few days to attract 300 thousand people reading, 35 thousand points praise, netizens have called: “very beautiful story”, “really it would happen!” “Well, moved, I cried.”!

Google parent company Alphabet officially completed the reorganization: it lasted 2 years

[TechWeb reporting] September 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, Google 2 years ago announced the restructuring of the enterprise structure, founded a company called Alphabet. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has now officially completed its restructuring.
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Google’s parent company, Alphabet, officially completed the restructuring, which lasted 2 years and ended up with XXVI
Alphabet has a new holding company called XXVI Holdings Inc., which owns shares in Alphabet’s companies, including Google.
After adopting the new architecture, Alphabet can legally separate Google from other businesses, such as the auto driving business, Waymo, medical equipment and health data company Verily.
2 years ago, Google announced the establishment of Alphabet, aimed at enabling new businesses to operate independently of Google. These businesses are called “Other Bets”, but they are still part of the Google Corporation. However, now, after adjustment, “Other Bets” becomes Alphabet subsidiary, and Google has the same legal status.
After adjustment, if a business encounter difficulties, it will not affect other business.
Why is the new company named XXVI? Because Alphabet has the meaning of the alphabet, and the English alphabet has 26 letters, and 26 in Rome numeral means “XXVI””.
About 2 years ago, why Google selected the name “Alphabet”, Larry Paige said, “Alphabet means” alphabet “, on behalf of the language, this is one of the most important innovation is the core of our Google search index location!” The G in the alphabet stands for Google.

The new iPhone price exposure, the national version of 5388 yuan from the sale

(original title: new iPhone price exposure, the national version of 5388 yuan from the sale
About iPhone a new machine, it had been sister made a prediction, including screen size, appearance, memory, color, fingerprint, color and black technology. But this time, it was to say that the price. To tell the truth, it saw the spread of sister is now on the market price, the heart is breaking……
When will iPhone8 be on the market? September 12th release, September 22nd sale.
September 12th, Apple will be held in Apple’s new park Apple Park theater iPhone8 (Steve Jobs theater) held a new conference in.
September 22nd, the new release of iPhone8 is expected to be listed on sale. The news was announced to employees by an impatient British mobile operator, O2, and should be prepared for the iPhone8 contract listing, with a high degree of credibility. According to iPhone7’s experience in selling, China should be listed as the starting camp.
What surprises will there be?
IPhone 8, iPhone7S, iPhone7S Plus, new generation Apple, Watch, and new Apple TV are also released.
In this release of new products a total of 5 Phone 8 is the absolute protagonist, previously, it was sister to do a more detailed spoilers”.
Screen: full screen design,
Fingerprint identification: no Touch ID fingerprint, Home key, support 3D face recognition,
Processor: A11 processor, match 3GB memory,
Storage: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB.

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